Newsletters’s Denali Enhances the Developer Experience by Reducing Chaos and Improving Efficiency, a provider of AI-powered software delivery solutions for the enterprise, is releasing Denali, the latest version of its AI-powered DevSecOps platform, exemplifying its commitment to delivering an open platform tailored to the needs of the modern enterprise.

According to the company, the platform allows organizations to harness the potential of AI while effectively addressing the complexities organizations need to overcome to deliver high-quality and secure software, at scale.

Denali ensures compatibility with the latest operating systems and development frameworks and optimizes performance of the most critical applications.

With Denali, organizations can leverage the power of AI to further automate software delivery, orchestrate and govern code from AI-assisted development, and gain better insights across each phase of the software delivery lifecycle—saving developers time and improving their access to knowledge.

Additional enhancements such as self-guided workflows, templates, and best practices create efficiencies and alignment around measurable goals, according to the company.

Denali also provides comprehensive support for cloud-native application development, and features additional integrations with Terraform by Hashicorp, Azure Biceps, Azure Key Vault, and AWS Secret Manager.

“As companies embark on their AI adoption journey, we are seeing exponential improvements in application development. But with the vast adoption of AI code-assist tools, the question becomes, can DevSecOps processes, teams, and tools keep up with developer improvements? Businesses need to support an enhanced developer experience while overcoming roadblocks in their release pipelines, toolchains, and security challenges. We have designed Denali to empower teams at every stage of the software development lifecycle (SDLC), helping to align developer outcomes with business strategy and accelerate innovation throughout the enterprise,” said Derek Holt, CEO of

The Denali release of’s AI-Powered DevSecOps Platform is generally available today. solutions can be easily integrated into existing processes, applications, and infrastructure to optimize existing investments.

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