Digitate Introduces New Multi-Cloud Offerings and Expanded AI Capabilities

Digitate, a provider of SaaS-based enterprise software for IT and business operations, is releasing a new solution, dubbed Eagle, to help advance greater agility and resiliency in digital enterprises.

The new release advances AI and machine learning (ML) capabilities across the entire ignio product line, solving key business challenges with better enterprise risk management, intelligent patching and compliance, automation of advanced SAP operations, and streamlined change management process.

According to the company, the Eagle release significantly enhances the overall user experience with customizable dashboards, proactive health checks, and centralized control with increased visibility for faster isolation and remediation of issues that have proven to cause enterprise-wide disruptions. 

“Our core belief is that an autonomous enterprise driving agility and resiliency through intelligence and predictability is critical in delivering business outcomes and providing an unrivaled customer experience. This new release is advancing the autonomous enterprise by equipping our customers with an integrated SaaS platform that increases digital resiliency through advanced AI and analytics as well as better visibility across the tech stack,” said Akhilesh Tripathi, CEO of Digitate. “This latest release also expands our multi-cloud offerings to deliver seamless cloud operations with improved security and compliance, enabling customers to manage complex multi-cloud environments with greater consistency and resilience.”

With artificial intelligence (AI) at its core, Digitate expands its integrated SaaS-based AIOps platform with closed-loop automation, advanced observability, and a single-pane cloud management console that gives organizations a comprehensive, unified software suite to simplify their operations, and increase business velocity.

The new release advances the autonomous enterprise, leveraging AI, ML, and automation to eliminate the need for most human intervention in technology operations. For customers, that means increased agility, resiliency, assurance, and a superior end-user experience.

Additionally, the Eagle release incorporates explainable AI to accelerate a user’s ability to understand the predictions of AI, facilitating insights that can quickly be adopted for business-critical decisions. Starting with ignio AI.Workload Management, Digitate’s unique approach draws on complex black-box algorithms to make accurate predictions, then explains these predictions with the post-hoc explanation methods.

The release also adds change management capabilities as part of proactive problem management to reduce change-induced risks for customers, enhancing agility and improving the reliability of their operations by providing impact analyses of change events.

The release of the Eagle version introduces several improvements to the ignio product portfolio:

  • Amplified intelligence through features such as learning user behavior to suppress alerts, automatic context creation from logs, explainable intelligence, and process flow mining.
  • Simplified user experience through an intuitive user interface, effectiveness reports, and remote execution of remediation actions on end-user devices.

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