Dimension Data Provides Back Up for Its Clouds

Dimension Data, a data center solutions and services provider, is making an optional backup and recovery service available as an add-on to its line of public, private and hosted private cloud offerings. The new service, Cloud Backup, enables organizations to back up files, folders, systems, applications and data to Dimension Data’s cloud data centers to ensure business continuity and protection for enterprise workloads.

Dimension Data offers three classes of Cloud Backup that address the need for simple file and folder backup, as well as full application, system, and file backup and restore: Cloud Backup Essentials, for file and folder backup and restore; Cloud Backup Advanced, for file, folder, and system state backup and restore; and Cloud Backup Enterprise, for file, folder, system state, and application backup and restore.

The service is being offered as an alternative to more clunky in-house backups, said Steve Nola, Cloud Business Unit CEO at Dimension Data. “It can be complicated and costly. Our Cloud Backup service enables businesses to back up whole applications while providing assurance that historical data is secure and easy to access.”

Starting in October 2013, Cloud Backup will be available on Dimension Data MCPs located in the United States and Australia. The service will also be deployed in Asia, Europe and the Middle East & Africa before the end of the year, the vendor said.

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