Directus Debuts Directus 9, an Open Data Platform

Directus, a software company democratizing the future of data management, is releasing Directus 9, an Open Data Platform that can power any data driven app or digital experience.

With a new codebase built on Node.js and Vue.js 3, Directus 9 achieves  higher performance than previous versions for near-instant SQL query responses, whether browsing vast datasets in the Directus app or performing deeply nested relational API requests, according to the vendor.

“During the past two years, our 2-person project has grown into a passionate team of 20 engineers and hundreds of contributors, all working tirelessly to introduce Directus as the world’s first Open Data Platform,” said Ben Haynes, co-founder and CEO of Directus. “We’re tremendously grateful for the ongoing support and contributions of our developer community. We will continue to enhance and improve the Directus platform, with a focus on stability, documentation and testing, to further optimize the developer experience.”

Open-source, modular and extensible, Directus provides unlimited flexibility, with no hard feature ceiling and no vendor lock-in.

It installs on top of and mirrors new or existing SQL databases, without altering schema or content. This enables database administrators to maintain full control, and the data remains pristine and portable.

This makes it easy to ingest, fetch, update, or even create, data using the Directus REST+GraphQL API, JavaScript SDK or even pure SQL.

For Directus 9, the team at Directus refactored the platform to be 100% JavaScript with full support for every major SQL vendor, to perfectly complement the modern tech stack.

Additionally, Directus 9 is offered as both a free, on-premises solution as well as a tiered Cloud offering.

Key features and improvements in Directus 9 include:

  • Database abstraction: Expanded database support to include MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server, CockroachDB, Oracle DB, as well as variants such as MariaDB, AWS RedShift, AWS Aurora and more.
  • Lightning-fast Performance: 10X I/O speeds and native support for caching via Redis or memory.
  • Overhauled permissions: Open-ended, rule-based access control and validation, with customizable filters.
  • Directus Insights: The ability to pull actionable insights into robust, customizable dashboards with charts and visualization tools alongside content.
  • Many-to-Any relationships (or page builder): Ability to create relationships that span any number of collections, to support any data model type.
  • Nestable folders: The ability to organize assets and leverage powerful on-the-fly image resizing and transformations.
  • Displays: Decoupled interaction and presentation interfaces, enabling users to manage field values on a details page, separate from inline presentation.
  • Built-In docs and a tailored API reference: Dynamic references for all collections and field endpoints, along with versioned docs built into the app.
  • Auth Integrations: Deep SSO integration for OAuth2, OpenID, and LDAP for improved authentication.
  • Enhanced developer experience: Data aggregation, advanced relational filtering, dataset import/export via JSON or CSV, and more.

Directus 9 is delivered as an on-premises solution or managed cloud offering for quickly getting up and running with a demo or blank instance. Directus Cloud will also offer exclusive features and a Community Cloud option.

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