Discover Which Big Data Tools can Power Your Business

When it comes to capturing and analyzing data, IT departments have more choices today than ever before. And choice is a good thing. However, in order to pick the right tool for the job, enterprises need to fully understand the business requirements as well as choices.

DBTA recently held a webinar with Brian Bulkowski, CTO and founder of Aerospike, and Jean-Pierre Dijcks, master product manager, big data, Oracle, who discussed the key differences between Hadoop, NoSQL,  and RDBMS and how to choose between them.

Internet engagement is infecting “traditional enterprises,” Bulkowski explained. Challenges that face enterprises wanting to gain real-time business insights include:

  • Analysis needed on combined data (stream + transactional)
  • Transactional data enhances stream data = more insights
  • Storage needed to complement Spark
  • Difficult to scale systems (designed for low scale)

Aerospike’s approach for real-time analysis can solve all these problems, Bulkowski said. The platform is compatible with the Spark ecosystem, has the ability to augment streaming data with profile data, and can leverage Spark machine learning for analysis.

Aerospike database offers a single platform for operations and analysis that includes:

  • System of Record
  • High Availability
  • Billions of Objects
  • Millions of Transactions
  • Scale-Up Microservices
  • Lowest TCO at Scale
  • Cloud Deployments

Oracle also fits into the picture, Dijcks said. Oracle can simplify IT and data by making it unified and actionable.

Oracle offers three big data deployment options: on-premises, cloud at customer, and public cloud.

The right big data solutions can define business success, Dijcks said.

An archived on-demand replay of this webinar is available here.