Discussing Oracle IT Resource Strategies

As the growing size and complexity of database environments strain resources at most IT departments, many are looking for ways to standardize infrastructure and automate routine tasks to free up assets.

Joe McKendrick, lead research analyst at Unisphere Research, and Sam Lucido, director for technical applications marketing at EMC Corp., recently discussed strategies for Oracle users and IT.

Today’s DBAs and data managers are caught in the middle of digital demands and tight resources, according to McKendrick.

In partnership with the IOUG, VMware, and EMC, Unisphere conducted a survey regarding obstacles data managers face while managing networks and delivering reliable information.

“We found that DBA’s and data managers seem to be mired in low level intelligence tasks,” McKendrick said. “When it comes to the things that need attention, data managers are having trouble soaring with the eagles because they are stuck down with the chickens, as the saying goes.”

The challenge is freeing up database budgets to allow for more innovation, McKendrick said.

According to the survey results, over the next 12 months, 40% of respondents’ IT budgets will increase. However, much of that will go to database management issues versus investments in new ideas and technology, said McKendrick.

Along with this, security related activities are increasing in responsibility for DBAs, McKendrick said.

“That’s a good thing but that’s part of the maintenance world, it’s not about new initiatives,” McKendrick said.

McKendrick and Lucido discussed the use of virtualization and cloud services, especially private clouds, and the roles they can play to help organizations reach their goals.

Standardizing and automating the IT infrastructure can help reduce time and cost on these activities, according to Lucido.

Virtualizing critical databases is extremely important to DBAs as they move forward, Lucido explained, along with utilizing an all flash infrastructure.

Many IT organizations are focusing on standardization, consolidation, automation, and performance to reduce costs, complexities and offer applications such as database-as-a-service, Lucido said.

Lucido noted EMC’s hybrid enterprise cloud can help DBA’s and IT free up time and costs to prioritize new technology and experiment with new ideas.

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