DockMaster Moves its Hosted Clients to jBASE

DockMaster, a producer of software for the marine and marina industries, partnered with Zumasys to move its hosted clients to a more modern MultiValue database.

DockMaster chose jBASE to deliver faster reporting and processing speeds to customers while improving its ability to scale its cloud environment.

“MultiValue has become a critical part of our technology,” said Kent Howard, president of DockMaster. “Using a NoSQL database gives us the advantage of achieving performance levels that can’t be matched by SQL databases. Our applications have a high transaction volume and large numbers of users across multiple geographies, so performance and flexibility are key for us.”

jBASE provides a modern database platform with superior performance compared to other MultiValue databases, according to Zumasys.

jBASE runs natively on both Windows and Linux, whereas other databases run in restrictive virtual machine environments, adding an unnecessary layer of abstraction that hampers performance and scalability.

“jBASE features improve support and our customers are loving the increased speed, making it a much better solution for us,” said Howard. “We’ve also discovered many other added benefits that enable us to provide greater value to our customers.”

To ensure a seamless transition to jBASE, the Dockmaster team developed a dual logging and automated testing environment to ensure that each of the 400 application modules worked flawlessly with the new jBASE platform and that data integrity was maintained.

During testing, DockMaster was able to achieve up to 98% compatibility, which helped them proceed with confidence.

“Full stack developers really appreciate the manner in which the jBASE database integrates directly with the underlying operating system — it opens all kinds of new possibilities,” said Paul Giobbi, president of Zumasys. “Dockmaster is definitely a progressive, forward-thinking software provider and we are excited to be a part of their innovation. We are pleased to welcome Dockmaster to the jBASE family.”