Domino Data Lab’s Latest MLOps Solutions Streamline Hybrid/Multi-Cloud Infrastructure Management

Provider of enterprise MLOps platform for data science, Domino Data Lab, is announcing its latest solutions in conjunction with NVIDIA ecosystem partners, emphasizing their hybrid MLOps efforts. Domino introduces a joint solution with NVIDIA and NetApp for AI/ML workload management across environments, as well as a NVIDIA-validated, MLOps and on-premises GPU reference architecture built by Domino and NVIDIA to the Domino Data Labs landscape.

Domino Data Labs works with large enterprises and code-first data scientists to build advanced analytics capabilities for new products or critical economic efficiencies within their respective organizations. Industry environments ranging from defense contractors to pharmaceutical companies employ Domino’s platform to empower their data science capabilities.

In a statistic reported by Forrester, 71% of organizations consider hybrid cloud support an important or critical AI platform capability for executing their AI strategy; revealing a need for enterprises that require hybrid and multi-cloud data science abilities for comprehensively scaling outcomes throughout clouds, on-premises infrastructures, divisions, and regions.

Historically, Domino’s product has relied on single-cloud, single-data center environments. Domino Nexus, the latest product offering, provides management through a single pane of glass for enterprises with heterogeneous IT infrastructures, such as multi-cloud or hybrid cloud and on-premises. The latest collaborative solutions from NetApp and NVIDIA with Domino will enable enterprises to realize the capabilities of their hybrid or multi-cloud environments within a streamlined source. With NetApp’s enhanced storage, NVIDIA’s accelerated compute, and Domino’s software to marry these features onto a single pane, Domino emphasizes the ability of the enterprises’ variety of customers to find great value and use out of these jointly developed, richly equipped data science tools, according to the vendor.

“Domino hasn’t just built a particular product for MLOps, but we are working with an ecosystem of leading providers—NetApp for storage and NVIDIA for accelerated compute—to have an enterprise-tested and certified solution for those organizations,” said with Thomas Robinson, VP of strategic partnerships and corp development at Domino Data Lab. “You’re not betting simply on the hype cycle around a piece of software, you’re betting on a whole ecosystem that has been jointly developed.”

Backed by NetApp’s validation of Domino Nexus as a solution supporting the Domino Enterprise MLOps Platform on Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP, Domino’s MLOps ambitions continue to take technological shape. Domino Nexus’s holistic view of enterprise data science workloads, regardless of region or environment, accelerates AI workload deployment and further automates data science processes.

Among Domino Nexus’ workload insight sources is AWS Managed Service (AMS), a development by Domino, NetApp, and NVIDIA that alleviates deployment and management complexity pain-points for large-scale applications in hybrid real-time workload environments. The current on-premises NetApp ONTAP AI integrated solution will also be incorporated into Domino Nexus’ insights, with the NetApp Cloud Manager acting as a control plane for replication set-up via SnapMirror.

Domino and NVIDIA’s MLOps and on-premises GPU reference architecture further adheres to Domino’s ambition regarding MLOps, validated by both enterprises for optimized performance across NVIDIA’s DGX products. According to the vendor, joint ecosystem solution partners, such as Mark III Systems, are being empowered by both Domino and NVIDIA to build customizable end-to-end API platforms, systems, and software for customers’ unique needs.

“Scaling enterprise AI requires flexible solutions custom-tailored to align with IT infrastructure, policies, and practices,” said Matt Hull, VP of global AI data center solution sales at NVIDIA. “NVIDIA and Domino Data Lab are working together to enable our ecosystem of expert partners to help customers maximize productivity, with quick time-to-value using end-to-end AI solutions.”

The current beta release of Domino Nexus is privately available; any individuals interested in joining the beta can reach out to Domino Data Lab. General availability of the product is planned for January 2023.

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