Domo Creates Developer Testing Environment for BI and Analytics

Domo is introducing Sandbox, a new development and testing environment built on the Domo platform, to help customers create and promote content into production across the enterprise.

With Sandbox, data professionals and business users have a safe and governed space to collaborate before unleashing new BI-related content into production, ensuring a smoother roll out and a higher level of trust and satisfaction.

Sandbox adds to Domo’s growing list of enterprise-strength capabilities that help customers more easily solve challenges that are common with the increased demand for large-scale BI and analytics deployments, according to the vendor.

In order to ensure the data and content remains well governed, Sandbox builds upon the core governance capabilities of Domo’s modern BI platform such as personalized data permissions (PDP), certifications, and dynamic groups.

“Sandbox is a natural evolution of our platform’s enterprise-scale capabilities. It was developed in response to our customers asking for more software development lifecycle support, particularly as they build out more content such as apps to serve an increasing number of use cases across the business,” said Jay Heglar, chief business officer, Domo. “With Sandbox, the Domo platform gives customers the industry’s first integrated experience to build, test and deploy.”

Through features such as Adrenaline DataFlows, Magic ETL, and Domo’s portfolio of enterprise-strength governance features, Domo reduces the burden on customers by automating time-intensive, complicated tasks so they have more time to help the business drive forward with data, according to the vendor.

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