Domo Expands Domo.AI with New Capabilities Designed to Transform Data Experiences

Domo unveiled a new wave of features for Domo.AI, the company’s framework of flexible artificial intelligence (AI) services, introducing capabilities to help ensure each organization’s unique AI needs are fulfilled. The new capabilities were announced at Domopalooza: the AI + Data Conference.

“Our goal with Domo.AI is to provide customers with an ideal environment to merge their invaluable data with the transformative power of AI in order to supercharge business results,” said Daren Thayne, chief technology officer and EVP of product, Domo. “By creating that type of open framework for AI + Data, we are giving users a pathway to immediate success, without going to the extraordinary lengths they may otherwise have to. All of this is underscored by full security, governance, and transparency in how AI comes to life in Domo.”

Domo users can have meaningful AI-powered experiences that help them multiply their impact. At Domopalooza, Domo provided early looks at AI Chat and Universal Models, two features currently in beta:

  • AI Chat gives customers the ability to hold contextual conversations with their data; AI Chat will know what data is most relevant depending on which dashboard or app a user is viewing. Users can have a true conversation with their data, including suggested follow up questions. The AI Chat also leans heavily on transparency, allowing a user to see the exact steps taken when answering a question and even allowing the editing of the SQL used in the answer. AI Chat will also enable Domo users to build better, faster dashboards and generate insights in a conversational way for smarter, faster decision making.
  • Universal Models offer high code value for low code users, helping people bring a pre-built model to the data. Featuring out-of-the-box AI models that are accessible to everyone, not just data scientists, universal models are available for use cases of all complexities. Universal Models for forecasting will be available next month through Domo’s AI Services Layer. Additional Universal Models for PII, sentiment analysis and anomaly detection will become generally available in the coming months. Universal models will be accessible from apps, cards, workflows, Magic ETL and more.

Building on the launch of Domo.AI in August 2023, Domo unveiled updates and new features made generally available at Domopalooza, including:

  • AI Model Management – Domo makes it easier for users to register and manage external AI models—including those hosted in OpenAI, Databricks, Amazon Bedrock, Hugging Face, and more. Customers can also build and train models in Domo and deploy them from Domo Jupyter or Auto ML. Once deployed in AI Model Management, the models can be leveraged from apps, workflow engine or Magic ETL, empowering a broad base of users not familiar with how to create an AI model, and unlock real business impact from AI models. Domo also announced the new availability of Hugging Face models for external hosting.
  • The ResponsibleGPT App – These days, everyone seems to be using ChatGPT, Gemini, or other GenAI chat services to help with small tasks at work. We have seen the risks of sharing sensitive information with the public interfaces for these services, which will add the information to their public LLM. The ResponsibleGPT App was built using the Domo text generation AI Service, which means it leverages an API connection to the selected LLM. The API calls are not stored within the public LLM model and all conversations in the ResponsibleGPT app are also stored in a Domo dataset for auditing and administrative review. The app comes with a quickstart for a Domo dashboard tracking conversations from the app.

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