Domo Unveils Domo.AI to Optimize AI Models to Fit Unique Business Needs

Domo is launching Domo.AI, a portfolio of comprehensive and flexible artificial intelligence (AI) services, powered by the company’s data experience platform, enabling users to access and capitalize on the broad possibilities of AI and have meaningful AI-powered experiences.

“Our approach is rooted in the understanding that every business has unique needs and challenges that require flexibility and adaptability,” said Daren Thayne, chief technology officer and EVP of product, Domo. “Customer use cases for AI + Data have as many variations as there are companies and employee roles. The Domo platform—and our architectural approach to Domo.AI—is purpose-built to deliver on this need for unique data experiences that help businesses overcome real-world challenges and accelerate innovation and growth.”

According to the company, with Domo.AI, users can easily manage, deploy, and optimize AI and machine learning (ML) models, including large language models (LLMs), and interact with data in simple and accessible ways.

Domo.AI builds upon the company’s leading ML and data science (DS) functionality such as Jupyter Workspace and AutoML features. Domo’s AI Service Layer, announced earlier this summer, is now generally available (GA). With so much demand for scalable and flexible AI solutions, customers are already leveraging Domo.AI to drive AI-powered data experiences, according to the company.

In addition, Domo.AI, combined with Domo’s advanced governance and observability features, ensures that organizations can maintain data integrity, adhere to security protocols, and certify compliance with regulatory requirements, giving customers clarity around how and where models are being used.

Key features accessible in Domo.AI include:

  • AI Service Layer: Now GA, the AI Service Layer is a comprehensive and flexible AI framework that offers seamless integration with OpenAI currently available, and Google Bard and other AI/ML and LLM models coming soon, making it accessible to all developers, from low-to-pro code.
  • Generative AI Services: Within the AI Service Layer, text generation, text-to-SQL, and text-to-Beastmode capabilities help users leverage AI in an intuitive and efficient way, transforming complex data queries into simple, conversational language.
  • AI Service SDKs: Call upon Domo.AI from domo.js for Domo Bricks, Apps, and App Studio for enhanced flexibility.
  • Batch Inference and Data Prep Functionalities: Batch inference—through Domo’s AI Magic tile—and data prep functionalities make it possible to process large volumes of data efficiently and prepare it for analysis.
  • AI Model Management: Register and manage external models on a serverless basis, integrate them with existing ML infrastructures or point them to other API services with Domo’s AI Model Management feature. Build, train, and deploy Domo-hosted models from Jupyter Workspaces and AutoML, as well as externally hosted models such as OpenAI, Hugging Face, and others.

Domo is continuing to develop advanced capabilities with its Code Engine Model Endpoints. These features, coming soon, will offer even more ways to maximize the potential of AI in organizations, according to the company.

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