Domo Unveils Latest Enhancements to its Appstore, Collaborates with AWS

Domo is launching next generation of the Domo Appstore, which includes a new collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS).  This new collaboration with AWS further enhances the ability to leverage data to modernize business processes, according to Domo.

Through Domo’s collaboration with AWS, customers will be able to access and integrate any data they’ve subscribed to from AWS Data Exchange directly in Domo and get that data into the hands of anyone across the business.

AWS Data Exchange is a new service that makes it easy for millions of AWS customers to securely find, subscribe to, and use third-party data in the cloud.

Domo also announced Appstore enhancements that make it even easier to find and build solutions that drive business forward with data. These new additions include the following:

  • New enterprise apps that leverage data from different business systems to modernize common business functions including finance and sales operations; and new writeback connectors to modernize workflows;
  • Improved navigation to make it easier for customers to find business-ready apps that help them instrument key processes like sales commissioning, vendor contract management or retail performance;
  • A more robust SDK to allow in-house developers and partners to build and deliver custom business-ready apps in just days or weeks, rather than the typical months, quarters or years associated with traditional app development; and
  • A public-facing portal to help increase access to the type of innovation that is possible with Domo and Domo apps.

All apps in the Domo Appstore leverage the power of the Domo Business Cloud, making it quick and easy connect to virtually any data source and make that data more valuable for teams and organizations anywhere.

“With new business-ready apps in the Domo Appstore, more than 1,000 data connectors, plus our new collaboration with AWS, we continue to innovate how the Domo Business Cloud helps customers get BI leverage at cloud scale. The Domo Business Cloud is the only app development platform that’s natively built on the cloud to support infinite scale and record speed to help companies go fast, go big and go bold,” said Josh James, founder and CEO of Domo.

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