Dremio Cloud Now Available in the AWS Marketplace

Dremio is extending its partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), announcing that Dremio Cloud is now available to purchase in the AWS Marketplace.

Dremio Cloud, being available to purchase in AWS Marketplace, provides businesses with the freedom and flexibility to use their preferred procurement vehicle to adopt the open lakehouse platform, according to the vendor.

End users can purchase and launch Dremio Cloud using a preconfigured template. Data teams can spin up Dremio Cloud in a matter of seconds and start exploring their data in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).

“Amazon S3 represents the first and primary destination for a growing volume and variety of data,” said Roger Frey, vice president, technology alliances at Dremio. “With proprietary analytic platforms, the time to value for that data is extended by the complexities required to make it widely available for analytics. Data consumers need easy, direct access to the data lake to satisfy a multitude of analytic use cases.”

Dremio, the open lakehouse platform, gives data teams the data management and data governance capabilities typically associated with a data warehouse directly on data lake storage.

Dremio Cloud simplifies access to the newest and fastest-growing sources of customer and operational data, and provides technical and non-technical consumers the power to explore data and create interactive dashboards with full American National Standards Institute (ANSI) structured query language (SQL) functionality.

Users can use their own AWS account to access these Dremio Cloud capabilities, which are delivered as a managed service, eliminating the need for data teams to manage their own infrastructure.

“As Digital Transformation continues to play a critical role in business growth, we see a growing need for business intelligence and reporting capabilities on data,” said Mona Chadha, director of category management at AWS. “We’re excited that many of our customers who transact in AWS Marketplace can easily purchase and deploy Dremio Cloud, and start exploring their data in minutes to make important business decisions.”

Dremio Cloud features a forever free tier. For a limited time, Dremio is offering 30 days of free AWS credits.

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