Dremio Data Lake Engine Now Available in AWS Marketplace

Dremio has announced the free availability of the Dremio AWS Edition, a self-service data lake engine highly optimized for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and available in AWS Marketplace.

The addition of Dremio AWS Edition to AWS Marketplace is designed to enhance the Dremio user experience on AWS by streamlining and simplifying the deployment process; reducing cloud infrastructure costs for query analytics; and enabling seamless addition of enterprise security features and support via a paid subscription and subscription key.

“Data lakes have become a key ingredient in modern data architectures. Cloud-based object storage systems such as Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) make it easier than ever to build, operate, and scale data lakes,” said Tomer Shiran, chief product officer, Dremio. “Dremio brings interactive BI and data science to Amazon S3, and with our new AWS Edition we are dramatically lowering the cost per query and making data lake insights accessible to data consumers in organizations of any size.”

Dremio AWS Edition includes deployment and elasticity enhancements that are specifically tailored to AWS. The AWS Edition also introduces independent, elastic engines that address several common cloud challenges, including performance contention and concurrency; under and over provisioning of cloud infrastructure; and the high cost of idle compute.

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