Dremio Provides GenAI-Powered Data Discovery and Unified Path to Apache Iceberg on the Data Lakehouse

Dremio, the easy and open data lakehouse, is introducing AI-powered data discovery capabilities that accelerate and simplify data contextualization and description for analytics, along with improved capabilities that extend its analytics engine for Apache Iceberg.

Expanding on previously announced Generative AI text-to-SQL capabilities, Dremio is delivering new GenAI-powered data documentation and labeling to provide comprehensive business context for analytics, while reducing manual work. Dremio’s GenAI capabilities make Dremio the easiest analytics platform for all data users, allowing faster and more accurate data insights, according to the company.

Dremio is also extending its leadership as the best-in-class analytics engine for Apache Iceberg, delivering a unified path to Iceberg for all data. Apache Iceberg is an open table format that is endorsed by tech giants such as Netflix and Apple.

With this release, Dremio makes it simple for companies to adopt Iceberg through one-click command ingestion into Iceberg tables. Dremio can seamlessly convert raw data (in JSON, CSV, and Parquet formats) from data lakes, relational databases, data warehouses, and NoSQL databases into Apache Iceberg, both in the cloud and on premises.

According to the company, this allows organizations to quickly and scalably migrate from less performant and functional formats to a modern, open table format that supports data warehouse functionality on the data lake, enabling a data lakehouse.

“Dremio is the fastest and most advanced query engine for Apache Iceberg,” said Tomer Shiran, founder of Dremio. “These advances make it simple for companies to effortlessly adopt Iceberg and benefit from the table format’s performance, flexibility, and cost-savings while delivering data warehouse functionality on the data lake.”

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