Dremio Provides Native Connector to Tableau to Simplify BI on Lakehouses

Dremio, the SQL Lakehouse company, is providing a new native Dremio connector for Tableau, available with the release of Tableau 2021.2.

The native connector extends Tableau’s support of Dremio and enhances ease of use and accelerated time-to-insight by allowing customers to perform BI workloads directly on the data lake. 

With the new native Dremio connector in Tableau Online, Tableau Server, and Tableau Desktop, Dremio and Tableau enable users to create powerful, interactive dashboards that run directly on their data lakes and lakehouses to drive faster time-to-insight, according to the vendors.

“The world’s largest companies use Tableau and Dremio to run mission-critical BI workloads directly on their data lakes and lakehouses,” said Roger Frey, vice president of business development at Dremio. “With the native Dremio connector in Tableau, we’re amplifying the combined power of Tableau and Dremio with a best-in-class experience enabling customers to perform BI workloads on large datasets without having to copy data into proprietary data warehouses.”

The native Dremio connector in Tableau provides a simplified, streamlined path for users to create live dashboards and perform interactive analysis directly on their data lakes.

With Dremio connectivity now built into Tableau Online, users can create interactive, high-performance dashboards directly on the data lake through Tableau’s SaaS analytics platform.

This connection empowers users to perform self-service analytics directly from the data lake, greatly assisting organizations to make impactful data-driven decisions.

In addition, the native connector in Tableau simplifies the experience for Tableau Desktop and Server users while providing full support from Tableau’s Global Support Team.

Tableau can connect to a wide variety of supported and non-supported data sources, stored in a variety of systems. With non-supported data sources, users connect to a data source using a plugin, also known as a TACO file.

Now with the native Dremio connector in 2021.2, users do not have to install the plugin and add it to the proper Tableau directory—cutting down on the overhead required to connect to Dremio from Tableau.

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