Dremio Showcases its Data Analytics Platform at Strata Data

Dremio launched its data analytics platform in July and at Strata Data Conference in New York the company had the opportunity to showcase what the company can do.

The company’s mission is to cut out the need for traditional ETL, data warehouses, cubes, and aggregation tables, as well as the infrastructure in order to enable users to be independent and self-directed in their use of data, thereby accelerating time to insight.

“Dremio is this new  kind of technology that runs between all the tools people use, the data science tools, Tableau, power BI, the traditional BI tools and data science technologies and all the different technologies all people use to store their data,” said Kelly Stirman, vice president of strategy at Dremio. “Dremio makes all the data feel like it’s in one high performance relational database even though behind the scenes the data just continues to live in all these different technologies.”

Dremio aims to allow users to be independent and self-directed in their use of data, while accessing data from a variety of sources at scale.

Dremio can be run in the cloud, on premises, or as a service provisioned and managed in a Hadoop cluster.

After getting the first 100 customers into production the company hopes to grow the team to make the project more successful, according to Stirman.

Dremio will also tap into its Apache Arrow platform even more to work with more vendors to create tighter integrations into self-service areas.

“You can expect us to do more sources and deep partnerships with data science and BI vendors because we make their products better,” Stirman said.

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