Druva Delivers Data Protection for Amazon EC2

Druva has unveiled a software as a service (SaaS) data protection solution for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) that combines snapshots, backup, and cloud-native disaster recovery within a single platform. With these latest enhancements, Druva says it will help customers further strengthen security for critical cloud workloads, and drive down costs through storage efficiencies that eliminate traditional cross-account and cross-region requirements.

As more enterprises rely on Amazon EC2 to build and deploy workloads in the cloud, cross-account and cross-region snapshots are used extensively to protect data and keep on hand in case a recovery is required. Druva's approach brings air-gapped security to these backups while simplifying management, enabling organizations to improve data security and leverage patented deduplication and intelligent cold-storage tiering.

“Modern organizations are flocking to the cloud for its speed, scale and vast array of on-demand services,” said David Gildea, vice president of product, Druva. “By combining critical snapshot, backup, and disaster recovery capabilities in a single seamless interface, AWS customers can significantly increase their data resilience, reduce costs, and ideally position their company for future cloud growth.”

According to Druva, in adopting its Data Resiliency Cloud for workloads running on Amazon EC2, customers can expect a number of benefits, including: 

  • Complete protection: Combine snapshot orchestration for fast, operational recovery and secure, air-gapped backups for ransomware protection
  • Implement backup based, cost effective cloud disaster recovery (DR): Eliminate the need for additional software, hardware, or a second managed DR site
  • Secure, air-gapped data: Secure, encrypted, and air-gapped backups, isolated from customers production environment 
  • Radical storage efficiency: Built-in source side global deduplication and automated cold-storage tiering for long-term retention 
  • Ease of use: Global visibility and control, with simplified backup management for tens to thousands of AWS accounts
  • Enterprise-scale: Infinite scale to support any size environment. No hardware, software appliances, or servers to install or manage, ever
  • Fast recovery: Perform fast, point-in-time restores across AWS Regions and accounts in minutes

Druva’s cloud backup capabilities for Amazon EC2 will be generally available via the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud this spring. For more information, go to