Dynamic Solutions International and B&L Associates Announce a Mainframe Managed Virtual Tape Offering

Dynamic Solutions International (DSI) and B&L Associates have partnered to offer a fully integrated solution including the DSI9000 Virtual Tape Library family of solutions with B&L's data center operations automation and management products, enabling a single point control of the automated VTL environment. This partnership provides current B&L users with a solution for virtual tape which improves reliability, performance and functionality over physical tape libraries. According to the vendors, the combined software and VTL results in a best-of-breed package for the MCP market space.

"As tape storage media capacities increase, users want to take full advantage of this capability, and virtual tape is a key enabler for this," says Michael Kramer, vice president, sales and marketing, B&L Associates.  "The partnership with DSI enables B&L to provide extended value for our customers by providing them unparalleled access to DSI's Virtual Tape Library System.  With the functionality DSI has added to their VTL, and our software, users can control the virtual environment with ease."

DSI established in 1973, is a leading international provider of data storage solutions and comprehensive professional services for businesses and enterprises. In 2005, DSI released and installed the first generation of their DSI9000 Virtual Tape Library (VTL) system in the Unisys MCP mainframe environment. The installed base has since has grown to over 200 mainframe connected installations in both Unisys MCP and OS2200 environments. DSI is now shipping the fourth generation of the VTL product family, which includes advanced features such as DSI Agent and DSI AlertManager for mission critical environments.

B&L Associates, Inc. has been providing policy and operations management products globally since 1975. Their enterprise class software is installed in hundreds of sites in over 26 countries. The B&L product family of operations software, which began in the Unisys MCP environment, was expanded in 1999 to encompass enterprise-wide media management in the open-systems environment with the release of the Vertices Tape Management System. Today, B&L offers the most powerful, flexible and robust data center operations automation products and storage management solutions available for open and legacy environments.

"DSI and B&L are long-time, well-respected solution providers for the MCP market space, and DSI is pleased to partner with such a company," says Chris Johnson, vice president, Storage Solutions, DSI.  "This partnership provides current B&L users with an end-to-end validated and supported solution for virtual tape which improves reliability (and frequently performance) over physical tape libraries, and has options for replication to a remote site, high-availability, encryption and data de-duplication. Plus, the virtual tape library can be shared by other computing environments, as well as their MCP mainframe."

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