Dynatrace Beefs Up Performance Analytics Offerings

Digital Performance software company Dynatrace has announced a series of new solutions and services that offer performance, competitive and user analytics powered by collective intelligence; new automation for cloud and continuous delivery environment; support for next-generation virtual network environments; and a complimentary version of Dynatrace Application Monitoring and User Experience Management (UEM) for developers and testers.

Dynatrace APMaaS includes capabilities intended to simplify the understanding and optimization of the user experience “value chain” and improve competitive positioning. Digital Performance Intelligence provides an all-new means of analyzing digital performance from the end-user’s perspective for digital business owners, including eCommerce, mobile and digital marketing leaders. Digital Performance Intelligence synthesizes Dynatrace’s mobile and website performance benchmark data including thousands of third-party services. A new NoSQL big-data analytics engine processes competitive site comparisons and third-party performance benchmarks in real-time.

“Today’s modern businesses differentiate themselves in three key areas – customer experience, continuous delivery and operational excellence,” said Steve Tack, senior vice president of product management at Dynatrace. “The digital performance management solutions and innovations we’re bringing to market now, and those we will be rolling out in the coming months, provide a platform that enables them to excel in each.”

An additional feature, PureLytics for Synthetic Monitoring, now available as an extended capability for Synthetic Monitoring subscribers, unlocks answers to issues before questions are asked. Based on millions of performance signals a day, the PureLytics analytics engine synthesizes issue patterns to identify root cause from customers’ systems’ historical behavior and the behavior of digital services used across the internet.

With Keynote PurePath Integration customers can trace discrete transactions from the edge of the internet thru the cloud and data center, down to individual lines of code, powered by out-of-the-box integration with Dynatrace Application Monitoring. With the powerful analysis capabilities of PurePath, a single click on anomalies identified by Keynote measurements generates instant analysis, in context.

Dynatrace Data Center RUM 12.4, a unified network and application monitoring solution, is bringing new capability to address critical challenges posed the rise of software-defined data centers and virtualized infrastructures, and traffic patterns becoming increasingly volatile and complex to monitor.

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