Dynatrace Boosts AIOps Capabilities for Open Source Observability

Software intelligence company Dynatrace is extending Smartscape, the Dynatrace platform’s real-time and continuously updated topology, to bring Dynatrace’s AIOps and analytics capabilities to more open source services, including OpenTelemetry, FluentD, and Prometheus.

This expands Dynatrace’s ability to unify observability data and detail dependencies across all entities in dynamic, cloud-native environments. As a result, DevOps and SRE teams can easily curate and analyze data streams from any source, at scale, according to the vendor.

Dynatrace platform creates and continuously updates Smartscape topology in real time to support constantly changing, modern cloud environments, which can consist of millions of entities with trillions of dependencies.

The combination of this and the platform’s AIOps and analytics capabilities puts all data from these environments—including metrics, logs, traces, as well as data from user experiences and the latest open source standards—into actionable context. This enables teams to analyze, troubleshoot, and optimize their clouds quickly and with precision.

“Driving digital transformation at enterprise-scale requires highly dynamic architectures with interconnected apps and microservices across cloud-native platforms. Custom entities and open source data streams, which may be connected medical devices for a healthcare provider, smart containers for shipping companies, or any other business-specific and mission-critical variables, make managing these environments even more difficult,” said Steve Tack, SVP of product management at Dynatrace. “With this announcement, we are increasing visibility across clouds, which help DevOps and SRE teams tame complexity, accelerate innovation, and drive better business outcomes.”

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