Dynatrace Enhances Mobile Applications and AI

Software intelligence company, Dynatrace is expanding digital experience management capabilities, including advanced analytics and segmentation of mobile app user sessions, auto-instrumentation for additional mobile platforms and technologies, and enhancements to its explainable AI engine, Davis, including insights from third-party mobile app components.

With these advances, Dynatrace will deliver real-time, precise answers about the health, performance and usage of native mobile apps.

“In the last year, we have witnessed an accelerating uptake of Dynatrace for native mobile apps to provide a complete picture of user experiences across all channels and the full stack,” said Steve Tack, SVP of product management at Dynatrace.  “With our explainable, AI-based approach, organizations can go beyond partial monitoring and best guesses and discover precise answers that explain exactly what, where, when and why issues impact mobile app user experiences. This enables these teams to accelerate innovation and problem resolution.”

New enhancements to Dynatrace Digital Experience Management capabilities for native mobile applications include:

  • Advanced analytics and segmentation
  • Enhanced auto-instrumentation
  • Enriched AI-powered answers

New enhancements to the Dynatrace Digital Business Analytics module include:

  • Enhanced AI with business KPIs
  • Real-time business anomaly detection
  • Automatic web analytics integrations

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