Dynatrace Now Supports Red Hat OpenShift

Dynatrace, a software intelligence company, is providing support for Red Hat OpenShift 4, the next generation of Red Hat’s enterprise Kubernetes platform.

“Red Hat OpenShift 4 is all about enabling enterprises to more quickly develop, deploy and scale cloud native applications by delivering a smarter Kubernetes platform,” said Steve Tack, SVP of products at Dynatrace. “Through Dynatrace’s native compatibility with OpenShift and Kubernetes, Dynatrace accelerates this digital transformation by providing automatic, AI-powered answers about degradations in service, anomalies in behavior, and precise user impact where other solutions go blind.”

Dynatrace’s software intelligence platform automatically monitors and analyzes containers and the microservices running inside of them across the entire Red Hat OpenShift 4 Kubernetes environment and underlying multi-cloud infrastructure with no blind spots. Dynatrace

 provides automatic visibility into the full cloud native stack. Combined with Dynatrace’s deterministic AI-engine, Davis, this delivers real-time problem identification and end-to-end, actionable insights 24x7 across the full dynamic cloud stack from applications to containers to infrastructure.

“Red Hat OpenShift 4 aims to make the day-to-day of software operations effortless for both operations teams and for developers,” explains Julio Tapia, director, Cloud Platforms Partner Ecosystem, Red Hat. “Dynatrace supports this goal by offering automatic, AI-powered monitoring of the entire OpenShift stack, including applications and containers. Our ongoing collaboration enables customers to benefit from full visibility into application workloads and cluster components, helping them deploy a cloud-native world with greater speed and confidence.”

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