Dynatrace Opens AIOps Solution to Third Parties for Smart Autonomous Cloud Management

Software intelligence company,  Dynatrace, has announced the next generation of its AI engine, Davis, now powered by new and enhanced algorithms, and an ability to ingest data and events from third-party solutions.

Today, Dynatrace also launched its Developer Program, created for customer developers to make it easy to quickly ingest third-party data and extend the Dynatrace software intelligence platform.

Dynatrace Davis harnesses the power of Dynatrace artificial intelligence to deliver answers to common questions about digital performance—without requiring that users have advanced knowledge of DevOps.

Because Dynatrace auto-discovers and maps dependencies across the enterprise cloud and analyzes all transactions, the Davis AI engine can causate and drive to the precise root cause of issues versus simple guesses based on correlation, said Bernd Greifeneder, CTO at Dynatrace.

This concept has been improved through semantically enriching external data and mapping it to real-time topological models. In addition, he said, unlike other solutions, it doesn’t require learning periods, making it effective for highly dynamic clouds.

“With today’s added capabilities, Davis’ power has increased significantly providing precise answers with even more relevance, plus additional context via third-party data and events. This enables greater automation and leads the way to autonomous cloud operations,” said Greifeneder.

Dynatrace’s Davis is now able to ingest custom metrics, data, and events from third-party solutions such as CI/CD and ITSM tools, enabling Dynatrace to deliver more precise answers with deeper context. Integrations include F5, IBM DataPower, Citrix NetScaler, ServiceNow, Puppet, Chef, and others. Davis has also been enhanced with algorithms that are better able to detect performance variations without relying on thresholds or baselines. Full stack, high fidelity data analysis means better grouping of disparate alerts and single root cause determination with precise accuracy. And finally, by providing a broader range of precise and actionable problem identification, impact analysis and root cause, Davis is able to power auto-remediation workflows and self-healing.

Davis uses real-time dependency knowledge with full-stack context to go beyond correlation engines to deliver precise causation of problems automatically. As a result, underlying causes of alert noise are eliminated, and only deterministic answers are surfaced, paving the way for auto-remediation and ultimately, autonomous cloud operations, the company says.

For more information, go to the Dynatrace website.