Dynatrace Provides Integration with Azure Spring Cloud

Dynatrace, in partnership with Microsoft, is offering a new integration that provides full application data transparency into applications deployed on Azure Spring Cloud.

The Azure Spring Cloud and Dynatrace integration brings freedom to application developers, allowing them to manage instances by abstracting the underlying infrastructure.

With Dynatrace ingesting metrics for Azure Spring Cloud, teams can see metrics for each service instance, split metrics into multiple dimensions, and create custom charts they can pin to their dashboards.

Azure Spring Cloud makes it easy to deploy Spring Boot-based microservice applications to Azure with zero code changes. Azure Spring Cloud manages users' application infrastructure so they can focus on application code and business logic. Dynatrace removes the complexity of dynamic microservice workloads by providing automatic and intelligent observability, without requiring any code changes.

This all happens out-of-the-box with the Dynatrace OneAgent, which automatically discovers and maps all applications, microservices, and infrastructure as well as any dependencies in dynamic, hybrid, and multicloud environments, without configuration or scripting, and without having to know which apps or cloud platforms are running.

This provides end-to-end visibility into the running of the application, saving time spent manually identifying any anomalies and allowing teams to get to the root cause of code-level issues quicker. This means full transparency into application data and more time to focus on developing feature-rich applications for your end-users, according to the vendor.

By automatically delivering metrics for each instance, the Dynatrace Platform enables developers to focus where their effort matters most, on innovation, according to the vendor.

“At Microsoft, we are committed to helping our customers modernize their applications and innovate faster than ever before,” Julia Liuson, corporate vice president, developer division, Microsoft. “By integrating a software intelligence solution like Dynatrace with Azure Spring Cloud, we can enable our customers with easy implementation of end-to-end observability, including automatic and continuous root-cause analysis, for their Spring Boot applications.”

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