Dynatrace Ships Testing and Diagnostics Tools for Peak Times

Dynatrace, a digital performance software company, announced the availability of the Dynatrace Load solution suite, an end-to-end application testing and diagnostic solution that integrates synthetic traffic with in-depth application and transaction analytics and expert test management to drive optimal mobile and web performance, especially during peak times such as the recent holiday shopping season. The new suite enables organizations to deliver highly scalable web and mobile applications with absolute confidence and continuously optimize their performance.

“Addressing performance and scalability only at delivery creates tremendous risk for the business, whether it’s the holidays or big events like the Super Bowl,” said Steve Tack, senior vice president of product management at Dynatrace. “Our customers can now analyze performance at scale throughout the build process as opposed to traditional late-stage, or even production load testing. With industry-leading deep-dive analytics, expertise and thousands of successful projects behind us, we know how to publish new mobile and web apps with confidence and keep them at peak performance.”

Load testing is mission-critical as customer expectations for mobile and web speed continue to climb. Application delays and failures during high demand periods directly affect revenue and brand reputation. 75% of all smartphone/ tablet users will abandon a mobile site or app that is buggy, slow or prone to crashes. 42% will complain on social media about a poor online experience.

Dynatrace’s flexible suite features BlazeMeter technology, offering three options to match any organization’s needs and environment. Dynatrace Load Insights 360 is diagnostic-driven load testing analytics for websites and mobile apps incorporating Dynatrace PurePath and PureStack Technology. This comprehensive option identifies abnormal application behaviors under load, pinpoints the root cause, and enables remediation—all within minutes and well before the application goes live. It provides a consistent set of metrics across the entire software delivery pipeline, allowing application teams to collaborate, adapt and adjust based on the same information, from commit to production, with a complete feedback loop.

The solution includes Dynatrace Load Insights, offering fully managed service option, featuring exclusive Dynatrace visitor behavior modeling capabilities for heightened performance realism. Experienced load testing consultants plan, execute and analyze test cycles for organizations that require focused, expert resources for success.

Another feature, Dynatrace Load, offers scalable, open source-compatible web load-generation automation designed for developers and test practitioners. Delivers on-demand global load testing for continuous performance and scalability assurance. Dynatrace Load subscriptions accommodate daily testing with point-and-click recording ease or JMeter-based scripting.

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