Dynatrace Ships Upgraded Data Center Monitoring Toolset

Dynatrace, an IT performance tools provider, has released a new version of its data center monitoring toolset. Data Center Real User Monitoring (DC RUM) version 12.4 is designed to deliver end-user and transaction-centric performance monitoring for dynamic data centers, which the vendor said will help provide new visibility into software-defined networks. By analyzing performance metrics in the context of the user’s experience, DC RUM is intended to enable IT teams to prioritize and solve problems directly impacting their users. 

“As modern data center and application architecture complexity increases, infrastructure monitoring alone isn’t enough to understand service quality,” said Steve Tack, senior vice president of product management at Dynatrace. “The new iteration of DC RUM addresses the challenges of this changing landscape by supporting a seamless and effective transition to more service-oriented IT operations.”

DC RUM 12.4 is engineered to rapidly discover and reveal the impact of new application deployments. It helps introduce visibility into virtual networks, transactional insights into new application environments, and new interfaces to external IT operations analytics and dashboarding solutions.

Key capabilities and benefits in DC RUM 12.4 include application dashboards, which enable enterprises to summarize all application-specific KPIs on a single screen, leveraging modern tile-based visualizations. SAP, database, Citrix and web application dashboards are pre-configured and easily customized.

The solution also includes IT operations analytics, intended to deliver fast and automated fault domain isolation through analytics examining end-user response time, tier-level transaction performance, network metrics, baselines and trends. New APIs deliver both pre- and post-analyzed data to external it operations analytics and dashboarding solutions such as ElasticSearch/Logstash/Kibana and Splunk.

For more details, visit the Dynatrace website.