Dynatrace and HCL Open Up User Experiences

Dynatrace, a performance tools vendor, has formed a global partnership with HCL Technologies, an IT services company. HCL will leverage Dynatrace’s digital performance management technologies within HCL’s DryICE platform to deliver user experience and application monitoring to HCL customers.

HCL will leverage Dynatrace Synthetic and Real User Monitoring to empower digital business owners to drive more business and superior customer experience through better insights into their users’ mobile and web experiences. The vendor will also use Dynatrace Application Monitoring and Dynatrace Data Center Real User Monitoring solutions to enable organizations to improve the speed and quality of their software delivery and quickly remove performance bottlenecks.

In addition, HCL’s Digital Services Monitoring Platform will leverage Dynatrace Ruxit as part of HCL ElasticOps for next generation, user-centric digital performance capabilities to optimize user experience and digital services operations within enterprises.

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