ECI Releases Cloud-Based Analytics and Data Visualization Platform

ECI Software Solutions, a provider of cloud-based business management solutions, has announced the availability of Cognytics, a cloud-based analytics and data visualization platform aimed at helping users draw actionable insights from the data in their ERP systems.

Cognytics can be delivered as a stand-alone application or embedded seamlessly in the applications business professionals use most. The new analytics engine has been added to ECI’s MarkSystems, DDMSPLUS, Red Falcon, and TeamDesign software and will be gradually rolled out across each of the company’s vertical-specific ERP solutions.

The Cognytics platform was specifically created to help ECI customers overcome the issue of low analytics maturing faced by 87% of organizations, according to a December 2018 Gartner study.

It enables users to easily access intelligence from existing datasets, accelerating digital transformation and revolutionizing how they leverage data to grow their businesses.

Key features of the platform include:

  • Graphical, role-based dashboards that offer each individual user easy-to-understand, compelling visualizations
  • Actionable insights that are available to users on demand and only a click away, eliminating the need for time-intensive, manual data analysis
  • Industry-specific intelligence tailored to guide each user to the information they need to make timely decisions and solve their unique business challenges
  • Seamless integration through robust data connectors that extract information from various business systems and bring it together into a single place, giving users across the organization the ability to access a panoramic view of important business data at any time, from anywhere

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