EDB Debuts Enhanced, Real-Time Monitoring for PostgreSQL Clusters

EnterpriseDB (EDB), the leader in accelerating Postgres in the enterprise, is unveiling its latest EDB BigAnimal release which improves the transparency of BigAnimal cluster health and activity. Delivering an array of new metrics, BigAnimal users can now intuitively and continuously track system health and performance while managing high availability (HA) and production database workloads in distributed PostgreSQL environments.

This latest iteration of BigAnimal addresses the need for enterprises operating in distributed PostgreSQL environments to maintain observability and control over these systems. This transparency and monitoring allow organizations to quickly take action to prevent or resolve failures that may ultimately lead to downtime, according to the company.

BigAnimal Monitor offers easily digestible, real-time metrics—such as CPU usage and transactions per second—without the need for any setup or configuration. This new capability then identifies issues within an enterprise’s clusters, further alerting the appropriate personas and recommending next steps for resolution.

“Whether you’re looking for a quick, real-time view of active connections or want to do an analysis of CPU usage over the past six months to decide if you can save on costs by downsizing, BigAnimal Monitor delivers the data and tools you need for any situation,” said Amrita Suresh, product manager at EDB.

BigAnimal can monitor PostgreSQL (versions 12-16), EDB Postgres Advanced Server and EDB Postgres Extended Server.

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