EDB Eases, Enriches, and Expedites Legacy Oracle Migration to Postgres

EnterpriseDB (EDB), the Postgres accelerator company, is introducing the EDB Guaranteed Postgres Migration program, designed to empower qualifying organizations to transition from legacy Oracle databases to Postgres with both ease and efficiency.

Modernization is an ever-continuous process that does not yield for any enterprise; while some are able to support these changes with discernible efficacy, there are many organizations stalled in transformation efforts, subject to legacy databases’ excessive costs, rigid contracts, and limited performance, according to the vendor. Trapped within legacy databases, these enterprises are ill-equipped to meet the rampant demands that modernization requires.

As a response to this detrimental roadblock, the EDB Guaranteed Postgres Migration program streamlines the migration for enterprises and their existing applications to Postgres—a highly-performant, cost-saving, flexible, secure, and scalable database system—with zero risk. Migrations of schema and data are fast, mitigating both downtime and disruption, backed by no-cost professional services to eliminate upskilling, troubleshooting, and manual translations on behalf of the enterprise, according to the company.

“There is a long list of reasons why Oracle customers are making the Postgres move with EDB,” said Celest Turner Hall, senior vice president of product marketing at EDB. “Since inception, EDB has invested in Oracle-compatible Postgres, with cornerstone products like EDB Postgres Advanced Server (EPAS) that deliver replication as well as enhanced security, productivity, and performance. With the EDB Guaranteed Postgres Migration program, we have removed the most significant barriers to moving off of Oracle while providing customers with industry-leading professional services and unmatched Postgres expert support.”

EDB’s flagship product, the EDB Postgres Advanced Server, is an Oracle-compatible Postgres database that, once migrated with the EDB Guaranteed Postgres Migration program, enables developers and DBAs to embark on their application builds quickly.

For the first application, migration is free; EDB offers a complimentary migration for the initial application, allowing organizations to reap the benefits of Postgres with mitigated upfront costs. Additionally, EDB will guarantee that customers’ migration expectations are met or there are no associated costs, according to the vendor.

“We know of a number of Oracle users who would like to try PostgreSQL for at least part of their existing database workload but are put off by the risk and expense of conversion,” said Carl Olofson, research vice president at IDC. “Although EDB offers a solid enterprise-grade platform with EDB Postgres Advanced Server and native public cloud support with BigAnimal, database migrations are often fraught with complications. Such users should find EDB Guaranteed Postgres Migration to be just the thing to initiate their journey to PostgreSQL.”

EDB’s migration program offers a myriad of plans, including Postgres in a self-managed private cloud and a fully managed public cloud Database-as-a-Service with EDB BigAnimal.

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