EDB Supercharges Availability and Disaster Recovery with Postgres Distributed 5.0

EnterpriseDB (EDB), the accelerator of Postgres in the enterprise, is launching EDB Postgres Distributed (PGD) 5.0, introducing extreme high availability for PostgreSQL—up to 99.999%+ availability via active-active technology, according to the vendor.

According to Uptime Institute's 2022 Outage Analysis Report, 80% of data centers have experienced an outage in the past two years; furthermore, data breaches and leaks have significantly increased in frequency and cost in the past few years, according to IBM’s 2022 data breach report.

These statistics present a bleak reality that data organizations know all too well; outages and disruptions are both inevitable and pose critical threats to productivity.

Answering the common issues of data disruption and outages, PGD 5.0 is built to maximize uptime, availability, and application protection while simultaneously avoiding disruption in productivity during processes like upgrades and maintenance.

“Operational resiliency is paramount for businesses today, especially those in banking and financial services. Downtime and data loss can lead to significant business disruption, and enterprises simply cannot afford that,” said Marc Linster, chief technology officer at EDB. “EDB Postgres Distributed 5.0 delivers extreme high availability to minimize downtime so customers can always access their data and applications—even through major version upgrades and during maintenance operations.”

Paired with EDB’s recent launch of Transparent Data Encryption (TDE), PGD 5.0 can drastically decrease data downtime during times of incident, while TDE mitigates critical data theft and loss. Redundancy architecture within PGD 5.0 further heightens security for business-critical applications.

In the event of server failures, PGD 5.0 redirects web-based application traffic to online servers, ultimately reducing the effects of downtime or outage. High-value transactions are assured their completion with PGD 5.0’s extreme high availability, providing businesses with the necessary technologies to deliver competitive uptime, according to the vendor.

“With the volume of data increasing rapidly, and the pace of business growing, downtime is not merely an inconvenience or occasional cost, it can break an enterprise,” said Carl Olofson, research vice president at IDC. “With PGD, EDB is delivering a comprehensive means of ensuring continuous business continuity for users of PostgreSQL, enabling EDB Postgres to handle the most critical and demanding data workloads.”

A 60-day, self-guided trial of EDB Postgres Distributed 5.0 is expected soon.

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