EDB’s Enhancements to BigAnimal Continue to Bring Postgres Anywhere, Easily

EnterpriseDB (EDB), the leader in accelerating Postgres in the enterprise, is unveiling a series of enhancements to EDB BigAnimal—the distributed, fully managed, Oracle-compatible Postgres database. These updates manifest as an expansion in the way EDB enterprise customers purchase and manage their Postgres databases, further enabling organizations to deploy Postgres anywhere that fits their business strategy.

The enhancements made to EDB BigAnimal emphasize greater flexibility and ownership of enterprise data as compared to a typical proprietary database or cloud infrastructure provider. According to the company, EDB’s release offers more options for clients to instantaneously build and deploy Postgres clusters on any major cloud platform, eliminating the need for complex setup, IT team distractions, or time-draining sales processes.

EDB BigAnimal now offers its clients the ability to utilize BigAnimal’s cloud account or their own, affording them greater agility for deploying Postgres workloads. These deployments are also radically faster; EDB BigAnimal streamlines deployment with just a few clicks.

“The real benefit is [that you can] get up and running a lot quicker, because you don't have to ask somebody for an account…it runs in one of our regions, and we support a lot of regions, actively adding more and more,” said Chandler Hoisington, chief product officer at EDB.

For those seeking a fast ROI turnover, EDB offers a try-before-you-buy experience, where users can try out fully managed Postgres with BigAnimal’s cloud account. Once an enterprise decides to commit, it’s as simple as a credit card swipe—no sales reps or contracts required.

EDB BigAnimal further supports multiple teams consuming Postgres within a single company. Regardless of differing needs unique to each team—whether they deploy in their own cloud account or need Postgres in the backend for a standard web app—BigAnimal provides enterprises the flexibility to deploy Postgres where and how it best suits an enterprise.

Whether an enterprise is interested in trying out BigAnimal, using Postgres for smaller projects, or just wanting to get started quickly, EDB’s enhancements to BigAnimal bring this functionality to the table.  

Among the latest updates are the tried-and-true features of EDB BigAnimal, including unmatched Oracle compatibility and the benefits of EDB’s 15-plus years of bringing Postgres to the enterprise. Additionally, EDB Postgres Distributed is available as a preview in BigAnimal, offering five-nines availability for mission-critical applications.

“BigAnimal is going to continue to build features that give customers the flexibility to run Postgres the way they want, in the way they need, and our goal is to really work from the customer's needs,” said Hoisington. “At the end of the day, our biggest differentiators are really…Oracle compatibility, Postgres distributed capabilities, and our multi-cloud capabilities.”

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