EMC Announces New Enterprise Storage Product Family

EMC has released the new EMC VMAX Family of enterprise storage arrays, a lineup that offers a range of solutions for organizations of all sizes. The EMC VMAX Family consists of the VMAX 10K, VMAX 20K and the newest member of the family, the VMAX 40K. The VMAX enterprise storage arrays are built upon EMC's Virtual Matrix Architecture, first introduced in April 2009. The new VMAX 40K series of devices offer configurations using 2.5" SAS drives and MLC (eMLC) Flash drives.

Complementing the new EMC VMAX Family are new software capabilities that extend VMAX to new hosts and applications, while integrating customers' existing storage assets into an integrated and unified pool of storage resources. In addition, a new feature, Unisphere for VMAX, streamlines and simplifies the operational management of the VMAX Family.

"The hybrid cloud and big data are two transformative mega-trends in the industry today," according to Brian Gallagher, president of EMC's Enterprise Storage Division. "More and more IT professionals are embracing these trends to make their businesses run smarter and more efficiently. The VMAX Family is building upon its existing portfolio of high end solutions, and delivering new hardware and software capabilities that are purpose-built for these hybrid cloud environments."

Another new feature is Federated Tiered Storage for VMAX, a no-charge feature through which external arrays can be used either as capacity pools for FAST VP (Fully Automated Storage Tiering for Virtual Pools) or managed as pass-through devices. FAST VP for VMAX now supports IBM System z mainframes and IBM i servers.

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