EMC Delivers Optimized Private Cloud Infrastructure for SAP Solutions Customers

EMC has announced new solutions and services that enable customers to move workloads of SAP solutions to private cloud infrastructures. EMC is expanding its relationship with SAP and VMware by integrating their services capabilities and helping customers accelerate full-lifecycle transformation of SAP applications to virtualized x86 environments. These new additions simplify the design, planning and operation of on-premise cloud computing infrastructures that take advantage of the latest EMC, SAP and VMware technologies. By combining their services and solutions EMC, SAP and VMware intend to enable customers running SAP solutions to simplify IT management, allowing them to shift their focus to innovation and competitive advantage while reducing costs.

The EMC Proven Solution for private cloud computing running SAP solutions documents the key components of a virtual stack and facilitates high quality service, optimized performance, ease of management and controlled costs through virtual infrastructure consolidation. “We help users set up and architect a virtual cloud environment, show them how to build it and what all of the key technologies are from SAP, EMC and VMware to address performance, back-up protection, IT management and virtual IT chargeback modeling. It shows them the technologies each of the vendors provides and how to operate those together,” Jason Kotsaftis, EMC’s director of technology solutions, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

EMC Proven Solution for automated disaster recovery of SAP solutions demonstrates how to extend private cloud infrastructures for disaster recovery across heterogeneous storage infrastructure as well as how to perform non-disruptive testing of disaster recovery plans. The solution enables application consistent failover across multiple storage systems with write-order integrity of SAP applications, point-in-time recovery of SAP applications without the need to restore and roll forward the database for accelerated recovery, and non-disruptive failover testing through restoring a snapshot of SAP applications.

Alongside SAP and VMware, EMC is offering services designed to quickly and safely move workloads of SAP solutions to virtualized x86 environments that are high-performing, easier and less expensive to manage. “EMC is increasing our investment and partnership with SAP and VMware to help SAP customers accelerate their transformation to cloud computing and specifically the adoption of x86-based infrastructure and virtualization. We’re trying to make it faster, easier, and lower risk to move to x86 and virtualized infrastructure,” Kotsaftis explains. These services include initial blueprinting and design of virtualized x86 infrastructure, IT operational process changes and planning, SAP application and infrastructure migration planning, execution and testing, and setup of efficient and agile data management of cloud-based environments running SAP solutions.

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