EMC and Alpine Data Labs Release Joint Predictive Analytics Solution

EMC and Alpine Data Labs, under a formal reseller agreement, have released a joint solution that combines Alpine’s predictive analytics application with EMC’s Greenplum analytics platform. EMC resells the Alpine Data Labs product suite, including Alpine Miner and Illuminator, integrated with EMC Greenplum Database, EMC Greenplum Chorus, EMC Greenplum HD, and EMC Greenplum Data Computing Appliance (DCA). An in-database solution for big data predictive analytics, the joint offering from EMC and Alpine eases deployment and accelerates time to value for improved insights into big data. Additionally, customers benefit from coordinated Alpine/EMC global support.

The formalization of the partnership between EMC and Alpine Data Labs represents a simplification for customers, according to the vendors. “What this announcement allows us to do is really simplify life for our customers. They can now in effect purchase from a single source, have a single number to call for help, all combined on a single platform around our data computing appliance,” Michael Maxey, EMC Greenplum’s senior director of product marketing, tells 5 Minute Briefing. This enables customers to unlock the full potential of their big data by identifying business trends and building predictive models in areas such as healthcare, banking, telecom and publishing.

The joint solution from Alpine and Greenplum removes the need to build a separate analytics infrastructure, as analytics can be performed directly in Greenplum Database and Greenplum HD. With minimal data movement, built-in scalability, one-click deployment, and faster data modeling, Greenplum has developed a, “unified analytics platform bundled together with the advanced analytics capabilities of Alpine,” Steve Hillion, Alpine’s chief product officer, explains.

The EMC Greenplum and Alpine Data Labs joint solution is available now. Visit and to learn more.