EMC's Mainframe Virtual Tape Library is Designed to Deliver Synchronous Replication

EMC has introduced a high-end virtual tape library product for large enterprise mainframe environments that is the only mainframe virtual tape library that ensures consistency between tape data at both production and recovery sites, the vendor says. The EMC Dlm8000 is engineered to provide the shortest possible recovery point objectives (RPOs)and recovery time objectives (RTOs) for critical recovery operations. The DLm8000 will be generally available in Q4.

The DLm8000 include throughput of up to 2.7 GB/s, delivering 2.5x the performance of its nearest competitor, EMC says. The new tape library also is designed to provide continuous replication to the DR site, meaning that data is immediately available to provide rapid RTOs and more flexible RPOs. In addition, with the DLm8000, up to 2,048 emulated drives can be allocated to different processes, even temporarily, to improve overall system processing capabilities.

The new tape library has two unique enhancements, Jim O’Connor, senior marketing manager for backup and recovery systems at EMC, tells 5 Minute Briefing. It is the very first mainframe virtual tape library to provide synchronous replication for the DR site, he says, enabling rapid and predictable recovery. “It makes the recovery much quicker. You don’t have to resolve any differences,” he notes. In addition, the  DLm8000 uses EMC VMAX enterprise storage and supports Symmetrix Remote Data Facility (SRDF) replicationenabling that synchronous replication, and making it ideal for large, transaction-oriented enterprises such as banks and brokerage houses that have stringent RTOs due to regulatory requirements.

EMC VMAX, available for the first time in the EMC Disk Library for mainframe, is a storage platform for mission-critical mainframe environments where customers require performance, in addition to securing and protecting their information. EMC SRDF for remote replication provides maximum levels of availability in DR situations. The DLm8000 with VMAX provides what EMC considers to be the highest levels of performance and availability for both disk storage and tape data.

The new DLm8000 is designed to address the challenges inherent in meeting recovery SLAs that ensure high availability, EMC says.

For a full list of DLm8000 features and capabilities, download the EMC Disk Library for mainframe data sheet