ER/Studio Data Architect Expands Big Data Certifications

Embarcadero Technologies’ data modeling tool, ER/Studio Data Architect version 10.0, has been certified by HortonWorks and Mongo DB Enterprise.

The new certifications, which build on ER/Studio’s native support for a variety of database platforms – including Apache Hive for Hadoop, MongoDB Enterprise, and traditional relational database management systems (RDBMS) - will allow ER/Studio version 10.0 to work with Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) 2.1 and MongoDB Enterprise for versions 2.4 through 3.0.

“Certification for HDP and MongoDB Enterprise showcases the growing level of support and dedication to big data within ER/Studio,” said  “Customers can have confidence that the metadata defining their big data stores can be accurately viewed, modeled, and updated using the industry leading ER/Studio Data Architect platform.”

The ER/Studio update adds new forward and reverse engine capabilities, according to Embarcadero. Data modeling professionals can use ER/Studio Data Architect to compare and merge, and visually document data assets residing in diverse locations from data centers to mobile platforms. While working with Apache Haddoop ER/Studio Data Architect captures data structures by reverse engineering Hive tables into an entity relationship diagram, and can also create Hive tables that can be forward engineered into a Hadoop database. Additionally the partnership with MongoDB Enterprise allows ER/Studio Data Architect to utilize a special “is contained in” notation for the nested objects and object arrays in the MongoDB data structures, and now can forward engineer a model to create blank-sample JSON.

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