Earthly Offers Free Tier of Earthly Cloud, Makes Builds Simple and Consistent

Earthly Technologies, the company behind the open source developer tool Earthly, is releasing a free tier of its software-as-a-service (SaaS) build automation platform, Earthly Cloud.

This new, free offering provides developers with 6,000 minutes per month of Earthly Cloud’s consistent, fast continuous integration (CI) and remote build runners that are compatible with any CI system, according to the vendor.

Earthly Cloud makes modern, complex software builds fast and easy. Its automatic parallel execution and instantly available build cache require no effort from the developer and make every build faster. All builds also have the consistency Earthly offers, according to the company. For example, if a build runs on a developer's laptop, it'll run the same way in CI.

"Earthly Cloud's speed is game-changing for development teams. Builds are ridiculously fast—usually at least twice as fast as in CI. When a whole team is getting faster builds, it saves a lot of time. I’m excited that we are offering a free tier that will make Earthly Cloud accessible to a broader range of developers and teams,” said Vlad A. Ionescu, founder and CEO of Earthly Technologies.

Earthly Cloud’s key features are Earthly Satellites and Earthly CI. Earthly Satellites are remote build runners that make builds fast, are super simple to use, and work seamlessly with any CI and the developer’s laptop, according to the company. Earthly CI is a full-fledged CI system that uses Earthly Satellites under the hood. Earthly Cloud’s free tier gives users 6,000 build minutes per month to be used across Satellites and CI.

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