EdgeMicro Offers Rapid Deployment Colocation Solutions to Meet Customer Demand

EdgeMicro, a leading edge colocation company, is releasing Edge Anywhere in response to heightened capacity requirements and custom location demands stemming from the pandemic. 

“Our Rapid Deployment Colocation data center delivery is about flexibility and scale. Our expertise allows us to put our clients where they need to be, when they need to get there. Our facilities are supported by proven operations, maintenance, security, and multiple compliance certifications. EdgeMicro provides the uptime, consistency and reliability our customers demand and deserve,” said Jason Scandrol, EdgeMicro’s vice president of operations.

Edge Anywhere  delivers 64 kW and 128 kW platforms scalable to 1 MW. Colocation solutions include multi-tenant shared space, private suite, and custom build-to-suit options delivered to prequalified EdgeMicro sites, customer targeted locations and existing bricks-and-mortar facilities.  

“EdgeMicro does not define where the edge should be. Our niche is high-speed delivery of reliable colocation with multiple connectivity solutions on day one. Enabling our customers' success, where, when, and how they need it is our value. Our rapid deployment expertise allows delivery of our modular units in eight weeks with new ground-up turnkey sites in as little as 16 weeks. Edge Anywhere is what we do,” said Jason Bourg, EdgeMicro’s vice president of sales. 

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