Eficode Joins the Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Eficode, a devOps company, is joining the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and is now a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP).

The CNCF is the home of open-source projects such as Kubernetes and Prometheus. As early adopters of container and cloud native technologies, it was a natural step for Eficode to join the CNCF.

“We are truly proud to be joining the CNCF. Eficode wants to play an active role in building the future of the cloud native ecosystem and leading the transition to cutting-edge technologies,” says Marko Klemetti, CTO of Eficode.

Eficode qualified as a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider on the basis of years of experience in Kubernetes consulting and training.

The KCSP program is a pre-qualified tier of vetted service providers who have deep experience in helping enterprises adopt Kubernetes.

"We are delighted to have companies like Eficode, a widely recognized DevOps solution provider in the Nordic countries, join CNCF, and look forward to their contribution to the cloud native community," said Dan Kohn, executive director of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

Increasing automation, continuous improvement and cross-collaboration between teams form the core of Eficode’s DevOps mission.

A cloud native approach enables automation and agility, while empowering teams to build digital products scalably and with high availability.

“By combining the use of containers, Kubernetes, and continuous delivery solutions, we can help our clients exceed their DevOps objectives,” said Klemetti.

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