Elastic and Grafana Labs Collaborate on Plugin

Elastic and Grafana Labs are forming a partnership to deliver the best possible experience of both Elasticsearch and Grafana.

Through joint development of the official Grafana Elasticsearch plugin, users can combine the benefits of Grafana’s visualization platform with the full capabilities of Elasticsearch. This integration is available to all users.

“Elasticsearch is one of our most popular data platforms that can be visualized in Grafana. Our Big Tent philosophy means we prioritize sources that our users are passionate about, and we are pleased to partner with Elastic to support the full functionality of Elasticsearch,” said Raj Dutt, CEO, Grafana Labs.

Elastic and Grafana Labs believe choice and interoperability are guiding tenets in the joint development of the Elasticsearch plugin for Grafana.

The companies are taking note of the many ideas coming from the community on the Grafana forum and in GitHub issues.

By uniting their efforts, Elastic and Grafana Labs intend to bring users the best integrated experience and enrich the current plugin by including more aggregations, broader query language support, support for space-saving constructs like rollups, and much more as the partnership evolves.

The Grafana Elasticsearch plugin is a native plugin, freely available to all to users and customers.

“We are happy to announce this partnership and commitment to our users that they will have the best possible experience of both Elasticsearch and Grafana, across the full breadth of Elasticsearch functionality, with dedicated engineering on the Elastic side,” said Shay Banon, CEO, Elastic.

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