Embarcadero Boosts Performance and Reporting in DBMS Management Tools

Embarcadero Technologies, a provider of administration tools for database platforms, is shipping a new version of its DB PowerStudio suite that includes new capabilities within its multi-DBMS management suite. Enhancements include features for optimizing SQL with fewer clicks, new database and schema change management functionality, improved reporting features and faster performance across all tools. Together, these enhancements make it easier for DBAs and developers to improve database performance and to carry out their work with greater efficiency.

"With our XE2 database products, we're giving database professionals, especially those tasked with working in multi-DBMS environments, a set of tools that enables them to get their job done faster, more efficiently, and with higher dependability and quality," Scott Walz, senior director of product management for Embarcadero, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "We've added support for the latest database releases, so as users make the move to these new DBMSs, they can continue to reap the most possible value and performance from our tools."

Each of the four updated database tools - including DB Optimizer XE2, DB Change Manager XE2, DBArtisan XE2 and Rapid SQL XE2 - are available individually or together in the DB PowerStudio suite. DB PowerStudio combines functionality for advanced database administration, development and performance tuning, and is available for Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase ASE and DB2.

Key enhancements in DB Optimizer XE2 enables users to export PDF and HTML session reports and share them with others, as well as an enhanced SQL tuning interface that reduces the number of clicks necessary to optimize poor-performing SQL, and improved performance for Sybase ASE and DB2.

DB Change Manager XE2 features enhanced job importing and exporting functionality for job sharing, a new table dependencies option for schema comparisons, and optimized schema archive job performance for improved usability and scalability.

DBArtisan XE2 and Rapid SQL XE2 both now include support for the latest versions of Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase ASE and DB2, enhanced Unicode options, and additional data source and server functionality.

All of the new XE2 tools come with Embarcadero AppWave technology, designed to enable users to access the tools from any Windows desktop instantly, without requiring a conventional install. It also enables organizations to track and manage license usage to minimize licensing costs and maximize team productivity.

"We recognize that every administration and development situation is different," Walz says. "If users only need support for one platform, they can opt for that, or they can choose support for all popular DBMS platforms through a single interface."

More information and pricing is available at the Embarcadero website.