Embarcadero Improves Cross-Platform Database Management Performance with DB PowerStudio 2016

Embarcadero Technologies, a  provider of software solutions for application and database development, recently unveiled DB PowerStudio 2016, a suite of database tools that provides database managers and data professionals with comprehensive administration, development, performance and monitoring capabilities across multiple platforms.

The DB PowerStudio 2016 suite includes DBArtisan 2016, a team-enabled, cross-platform solution for database administration, monitoring and performance; and Rapid SQL 2016, a SQL IDE that enables developers and DBAs to create high-performing SQL on all databases using a single interface. The new Performance IQ add-on brings performance management capabilities to DBArtisan 2016 and Rapid SQL 2016, enabling professionals to gain deep insights to proactively manage and troubleshoot performance bottlenecks.

“Data professionals need insights in real-time in the tools they use every day to help prevent performance and storage-related problems; highlight trends and object growth over time; and pinpoint performance bottlenecks,” says Michael Swindell, Senior Vice President of Products at Embarcadero. “DB PowerStudio 2016 takes database management and development further than ever with integrated SQL performance management, team-enabled collaboration, and monitored statistics such as database health to deliver the visibility that data professionals need to ensure their databases run fast, consistently, and without surprises. DB PowerStudio 2016 revolutionizes cross-platform database management performance by enabling operational integrity, data consistency, and team collaboration and awareness in the most complex environments.”

Now offered as an option for DBArtisan 2016 and Rapid SQL 2016, Performance IQ monitors database instances 24/7, determines the underlying cause of performance degradation and visually highlights the root cause for all major areas of DBMS performance.

DB PowerStudio 2016 is integrated with the included DB Team Server, a team-connected solution for database professionals that provides shared repositories, health statistics, and collaboration and communication between team members and roles. DB Team Server, a collaborative platform for DBAs, provides a holistic view of the enterprise database landscape to better manage and analyze corporate data assets.

DB Optimizer 2016, a SQL profiling and tuning utility for improved SQL code performance, and DB Change Manager 2016, a schema and data synchronization toolset, are also featured in this new rollout of DB PowerStudio 2016.

DBArtisan 2016, Rapid SQL 2016, DB Optimizer 2016, and Change Manager 2016 are available immediately from Embarcadero. Performance IQ is available as an add-on for DBArtisan 2016 and Rapid SQL 2016.

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