Embarcadero Unveils New Java and Database Performance Optimization Offerings

Embarcadero Technologies, a database tools and developer software company, has introduced new and enhanced performance optimization tools to help companies detect, fix and prevent costly software errors. The tools include DB Optimizer 1.5 for SQL profiling and tuning, Performance Center for automated 24/7 database monitoring, and J Optimizer 2009 for Java profiling and optimization.

The complementary tools are intended to enable the profiling and fine-tuning of Java and SQL code from the Java application layer down to the database layer, facilitating code development and detection of issues before an application or database query goes into production. In addition, they also help organizations to discover and fix performance issues within live production systems, notes Greg Nerpouni, senior product manager of developer solutions, Embarcadero.

DB Optimizer 1.5 is the newest version of Embarcadero's SQL profiling and tuning IDE, which DB Optimizer enables DBAs and developers to quickly discover, diagnose, and optimize poor-performing SQL. DB Optimizer 1.5 builds upon the 1.0 version of the SQL profiling and tuning tool with key new features such as continuous profiling, full multi-platform support-including Oracle, Sybase ASE, DB2 for LUW, and SQL Server-as well as a revamped interface and full Unicode support, adds Nerpouni. DB Optimizer 1.5 is available now.

Additionally, Embarcadero Performance Center is a continuous database monitoring tool that tracks and reports on database activity such as memory, I/O, contention, space, network, objects, users, and SQL code to pinpoint performance problems. Performance Center is available now, with the upcoming 2.7 release scheduled to launch this quarter.

And finally, J Optimizer 2009, which is available now, is a Java profiling and error-checking tool based on the Optimizeit technology and development teams that Embarcadero acquired from Borland Software last year. J Optimizer enables Java developers to isolate and resolve performance issues during the development of Java programs and Java EE applications. It allows developers to profile memory and CPU usage, display real-time threading information and determine which parts of the code are executed, down to the line-level detail.

For complete details on DB Optimizer 1.5, go here. For details on Performance Center, go here. And for more on J Optimizer 2009, go here.

Embarcadero is now offering on-demand access to its application development and database tools. For more information on All-Access, go here.