Embarcadero's DB PowerStudio XE3.5 Expands Platform Support

Embarcadero Technologies, a provider of software solutions for application and database development, has introduced DB PowerStudio XE3.5, the latest release of the company’s database management and development platform. DB PowerStudio XE3.5 is a key component of Embarcadero’s new metadata governance platform, which allows organizations to leverage diverse data across information management and the software development lifecycle for data governance initiatives.  

The new release of DB PowerStudio provides broader and deeper platform support, Henry Olson, director of product management, Embarcadero, tells 5 Minute Briefing. “It is really about extending the footprint and making sure that all of the critical enterprise data sources are available through one set of tooling.”

DB PowerStudio XE3.5 adds new support for Oracle Data Pump, a technology used in data warehousing for bulk data movement and transfer supporting rapid ETL and refresh operations typically in a data warehouse environment; and new support for SAP Sybase IQ, a highly optimized analytics RDBMS. There is also support for the newest versions of SQL Server and DB2, and support for any JDBC/ODBC source.

DB PowerStudio XE3.5 is designed to operate across multiple database platforms with little overhead and robust performance, streamlining and centralizing vital data management tasks. According to the company, the tool suite complements vendor database management tools by standardizing and centralizing comprehensive administration, development, diagnostic and performance tuning capabilities across multiple platforms—increasing productivity and improving database availability.

“This release extends our leadership and provides a cross-platform foundation for operational integrity,” says Olson. By supporting all the major DBMS platforms in a single pane of glass, he adds, “we provide what we think is the foundation for governance success.”

DB PowerStudio XE3.5 solutions include DBArtisan,which maintains database uptime and availability while also improving database performance;  Rapid SQL, which provides access to all data, regardless of platform, while improving SQL code as well as database and application performance;  DB Optimizer, which ensures database and application performance, uptime and availability; and DB Change Manager, which assists with auditing and compliance reporting, data privacy protection, organizational risk mitigation and automated data schema synchronization

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DB PowerStudio XE3.5 is available immediately online, direct from Embarcadero and/or through partners.