Emerson Network Power and Joyent Partner to Manage Enterprise Cloud

Emerson Network Power, a provider of infrastructure availability, capacity and efficiency solutions, announced it is teaming up with Joyent, a cloud infrastructure provider, to offer an integrated end-to-end solution that provides both physical and virtual infrastructure and dynamic management tools for enterprise cloud environments, including energy management. 

Joyent and Emerson Network Power will combine Joyent’s software-defined data center suite, SmartDatacenter, with Emerson’s Trellis platform for data center infrastructure management (DCIM). Built partially with Joyent’s Node.js runtime, the Trellis platform runs on the Joyent cloud today.

“We selected Emerson as our partner because the Trellis platform is the only DCIM solution available today that can provide holistic, real time visibility from service processor to power grid and enable the dynamic optimization of datacenter physical resources,” says Jason Hoffman, founder and CTO of Joyent. “When combined with the application workload optimization capabilities of Joyent SmartDatacenter, we can enable better end-to –end data center infrastructure optimization across all physical and logical resources based on the energy consumption of application workloads and increase efficiencies.” 

The siloed nature of data center operations has traditionally provided little visibility into the actual power, cooling, space and weight costs per workload leading to inefficiencies, poor responsiveness and reduced sustainability. The combined Emerson-Joyent offering will enable the tracking of energy consumption of virtual workloads and the impact of each virtual workload on the physical infrastructure. Operators will gain visibility into their entire cloud from the grid up, enabling discreet measurement of application workload/watt, enabling chargebacks for application usage. The application workload/watt measurement also will allow operators to optimize applications based on efficiency.

The combined offering also enables more analysis of server performance in real-time through service processor management, the vendors say. The integration of the Trellis platform’s capability to increase cooling efficiency across the entire data center – from service processor to power grid with the Joyent Cloud – ties critical infrastructure back to the virtual workload. Once a potential problem is spotted, the orchestration layer will have time to move workloads off the affected areas.

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