Emulex Releases Bare-Metal Cloud Configuration Tool

Emulex Corporation, a provider of network connectivity, monitoring and management solutions, announced a solution that enables bare-metal adapter configuration management, rapid provisioning and deployment capabilities for cloud-based infrastructures. The first Emulex OpenWorks Connector is used with the new Emulex OneConnect OCec14000 series of Cloud Adapters.

The Emulex OpenWorks Connector uses a RESTful API, enabling third-party provisioning tools to leverage the new OpenWorks Connector to manage the Emulex OneConnect OCec14000 Cloud Adapters. Egenera, a provider of cloud and data center infrastructure management software, is the first partner to use this API, and when combined with Egenera’s PAN Manager 8.0, will enable customers to configure and provision machine images to bare-metal rack servers for physical and virtual environments.

“As we move into the era of Web-scale computing, orchestration systems that manage both physical and virtual resources are critical to realize service level commitments and achieve expected ROIs,” said Shaun Walsh, senior vice president of marketing for Emulex. “Together, our OpenWorks Connector and Egenera’s PAN Manager provide administrators with single-pane-of-glass management capabilities, allowing them to deploy new workloads, manage resource pools, and provision or repurpose physical and virtual infrastructures with high efficiency and accelerated time-to-application deployment.”

The OpenWorks Connector provides the capability to configure each server with its own boot profile for Emulex-based cloud adapters, ideal for what the vendor refers to as “Metal-as-a-Service” applications, as well as on-the-fly provisioning of servers for day or night operations or bare-metal workload migrations. When combined with the Egenera PAN Manager, the integrated solution enables a cloud service provider to rapidly deploy new rack servers with a full machine image.

The initial pre-configured, integrated cloud infrastructure solution with Egenera will begin shipping in October 2014.

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