Enabling Big Data Agility with Search

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

In his keynote at Data Summit in NYC, Kamran Khan, CEO, Search Technologies, talked about the intersection of big data and search.  While there is more data being collected than ever before, the question, Khan said, is how do organizations make the most of it? Search, said Khan, is the technology to allow this.

In diverse areas ranging from fraud detection to personnel recruitment, said Khan, search is augmenting big data technologies such as Hadoop to help people get the information they need faster. The advantage of search, Khan said, is that you can not only iterate faster but also merge structured and unstructured data, and in the process, democratize data access so it is no longer just in the hands of just data scientists.

The downside, he said is that it is still relatively new and not an out of the box solution. Companies can’t just plug it in and point it at content and get results. There is an implementation process that goes along with it. But once that has been accomplished, he said, it is a very efficient way of using big data. While big data itself is revolutionary in information technology, it is the convergence of search and big data that will lead to new possibilities, he said. 

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