Endeca Information Discovery 3.1 Expands Self-Service for Business Users

Oracle has introduced Oracle Endeca Information Discovery 3.1 (OEID 3.1), the latest version of its enterprise-class data discovery platform which offers new enterprise self-service discovery capabilities for business users. According to Oracle, OEID 3.1 enables business users to easily make information-based business decisions with better safety, success and confidence.

“We see a strong need for business users to bring in their own data sets, do their own analysis and do that all self-service without the need for IT to build the applications,” said Paul Rodwick, vice president of product management, Oracle BI. OEID 3.1 offers business users additional self-service data mashup and discovery capabilities, extended support for unstructured analytics, and tighter integration with Oracle Business Intelligence software.

The biggest theme of the new release is self-service business user enablement through self-service data mashups and the ability to create discovery applications without any IT assistance, explained Rodwick. “Endeca Information Discovery provides the ability for end users to mash these different data sources together – and provides nice wizard interfaces to help with the import.”

With OEID 3.1, companies can leverage all the data that they’ve brought together and made available to users of Oracle BI, and Endeca can now directly reach into Oracle BI and reuse all the mappings, said Rodwick.  The release, he said, offers the “best of both worlds - very strong enterprise BI for curated data, together with Endeca Information Discovery for business user self-service including data mashup.”

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